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Labelling system for pharmaceutical bottles

Un'importante azienda farmaceutica ha richiesto ad ALTECH una soluzione per etichettatare flaconi plastici rettangolari. 

Labelling system for pharmaceutical bottles

The solution consists in a labelling system for rectangular plastic bottles made for a known pharmaceutical company.

The system prints the labels with variable data, check if they are readable and correct, and apply them on the side of the products, while they are managed by our handling device.

The unit is based on our solution with some pneumatic devices to provide accumulation, alignment of the products, and label application while the product are in position.

The application is made by our ALritma head, with tamp application unit, and printer kit, for variable data printing.

The system is completed by a scanner, which can check printing conformity and provide label reject (before its application on product), and a label presence control unit, able to check label presence on product and provide auto reject of un-labeled products.

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