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Print & Apply Label Applicator for MTS Group

This international leading company in the manufacturing and marketing of heating and water heating systems has installed ALTECH applicators in its Italian and overseas factories.

Print & Apply Label Applicator for MTS Group

The project has been developed and became a reality thanks to the significant contribution of  Explera soft  from Jesi.

MTS Group was established in Italy, where passion is second nature. The passion of the Group’s people for engineering and design helps them look at every opportunity for change as an opportunity for improvement. Based on this philosophy, the production management team have decided to equip their lines with tools that are technologically advanced and operationally performing.

The ALcode print-apply labelling machine installed in MTS plants can print and apply labels in real time both on still and moving products, using a complete range of labelling heads.

“The reasons why we have chosen ALTECH have mainly to do with the reliability and efficiency of their products: our lines work in 3 shifts and we have to ensure the smooth functioning of all the tools” the production manager says. “Moreover, we must admit that, after a few months of installation, our expectations have not been disappointed in terms of both tool reliability and after-sales and maintenance service provided by Explera Soft”.

The system is interfaced to the production lines and printing is controlled by a software application installed on an industrial computer equipped with a touch screen; the applicator and the computer are mounted on powered columns that can adjust the application height and depth. Labelling is performed via the use of a swing arm ensuring that labels perfectly stick to every package.